A case study and guide for structuring roles & permissions within SaaS

Illustration by Katerina Limpitsouni

Project Brief

This case study is about my journey of exploring and re-designing Roles & Permissions for corporate SaaS. Our SaaS basically takes care of the complete life cycle of construction projects (from planning to execution stage).

Users' personas for our SaaS are from clerk level employees to Managers and board members of the company. …

A small case study on the challenges farmers face availing livestock loans and steps involved in acquiring loans for livestock and related assets.


India is the 5th largest economy in the world. India’s economy is basically classified into three sectors — Agriculture, Industry, and Services. States like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and many more are purely dependent on the agro-economy and livestock is the backbone of the agro-economy.

Here, we will be discussing the challenges which farmers in rural India are facing while opting for livestock loans. …

I was once that kid that needed a donation — that needed help to go to camp because my mom wasn’t able to pay for it. — Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

photo created by shurkin_son — www.freepik.com


I am a digital product designer and this article is part of a design exercise in which I will be using design thinking to solve a problem shared with me in the form of a design assignment. Idea is to follow the design process and look for a solution to a shared problem.

The Design Process


Redesign the mobile web experience of the Hindustan Times Video news section & improve the user experience to increase user retention and lead to better engagement of users with the content.

The Human-Centered Design Process

Problem Statement

Design a mobile product experience that makes it safe to find the ideal roommate in New City. Design the experience from the perspective of a person who is looking for a roommate as well as the one who is looking for an apartment. After finding the ideal roommate, what else can this product do to make the roommate experience better?

Design Process Breakdown

My Framework of problem-solving

Capturing some extra data points (timings) for better user experience.

Problem Statement

There are times when the user comes back to us that they drop off from the listings page because they do not find their preferred time. We want to capture what time the user wants to travel before he searches and bounces off from the listing page.

A UI/UX designer without the design degree

I am writing this article cause I am asked same question multiple times again and again. “How did you become a designer without a design degree?”

So, here is the answer!

It all started around two and a half year ago. I was looking for a career change but was not sure in which direction I should move. I was serving my notice period in the company and was not sure of what the hell I was going to do after that job.

Reason for resigning the job was that, I was not…

“When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.”

So where are these old wise men? I always wonder and look out for these kinds of people. I have watched a lot of movies but my favorite ones are, most of the time, those in which an old man shares his valuable knowledge with a young one.

I would like to mention a few names to make it clear what sort of movies or stories I am talking about. Peaceful Warrior, Godfather, Karate Kid and Kung fu Panda are some of the movies in which there is an…

Gurpreet Singh

Designers are monks of modern industry and designs are their sermons.

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