A UI/UX designer without the design degree

I am writing this article cause I am asked same question multiple times again and again. “How did you become a designer without a design degree?”

So, here is the answer!

It all started around two and a half year ago. I was looking for a career change but was not sure in which direction I should move. I was serving my notice period in the company and was not sure of what the hell I was going to do after that job.

Reason for resigning the job was that, I was not feeling motivated to do tech support and all that tech assistance thing. Somewhere inside I was looking for something more purposeful and engaging. Through which I could make my mark and leave a positive impact.

During those days, a cousin of mine, who was working as a Senior UI/UX designer, asked me to join his company. His company was hiring trainees for UI/UX designer position. In my case, it was like asking a thirsty man if he would like to have some water. So, I guess you know what my answer was (It was fucking yah!!).

As a wise man once said “The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step”. Mine started the day I joined this amazing startup. When I started my role as an UI/UX designer trainee, I was as blank as a blank sheet of paper. If I begin to tell you how uninformed I was about design process and design thinking you will be amazed. If someone would have asked me back then, from where do all these apps come from, I would have answered, from google for sure.

During these years at Appster, I got trained and moulded as a User experience designer. Infinite number of trainings from industry experts and hours of training with the design tools crafted my way through this beautiful field.

Design Team @Appster

At Appster, working and learning within a team of 25–30 designer has been an awesome experience. Here, I met some of the most incredible designers of the industry. The design process we follow(for which I will write another article) and the research we put behind the products tell their story themselves.

All one needs to become a good designer is to have a mentor and a constructive involvement in the community. Sharing with your colleagues and the community what you have learnt, is your way of telling the community that you humbly appreciate what it has done for you.

At Appster, we have a lot of training sessions with each other. We love to share articles which we find useful and interesting. The more we share the more we evolve as a team.

In the end, I would like to wrap everything up with this quote from an unknown author.

“You don’t need a degree to succeed in UX design.”


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