“When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.”

So where are these old wise men? I always wonder and look out for these kinds of people. I have watched a lot of movies but my favorite ones are, most of the time, those in which an old man shares his valuable knowledge with a young one.

I would like to mention a few names to make it clear what sort of movies or stories I am talking about. Peaceful Warrior, Godfather, Karate Kid and Kung fu Panda are some of the movies in which there is an old character driven by wisdom. These old characters inspire, motivate and enlighten the younger ones with “The Knowledge”.

So, What is “The Knowledge”?

I personally think that the knowledge or learning one gain from doing a particular task is much more profound than just studying about the same from some book.This is what I would say is the main problem with our generation.

Nowadays, our biggest crisis is having the illusion that we know everything whereas in reality most of the time, we only have a theory of solutions to our problems which we have never applied practically.

That is the reason why in future the “Old Man” will become just a character in the stories. Experiencing the situation is much more important than just having the knowledge of that situation. Wisdom comes with experience, not with knowledge as the wise Nick Nolte said: “Knowledge is knowing; Wisdom is doing”.

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” :- Paulo Coelho

Designers are monks of modern industry and designs are their sermons.

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